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03 June/2016

Green Electricity Sales Increased in the First Quarter of This Year

The revenues of an independent electric energy supplier “ENERTY” constituted EUR 8.45 million in the first quarter of 2016. In comparison with the same period last year, the company’s revenues decreased by 27 percent. These changes have been influenced by NordBalt power link with Sweden that started operating in February 2016 and the operation of which is still unstable.

From December 2015 “ENERTY” has started the trade in green electricity that is obtained from renewable energy sources. During the first months of this year the company sold 87.5 Mwh green electricity with the guarantees of origin*.

“We have noticed that more and more companies strive to use green electricity in their activities, this way encouraging the public’s interest in this issue, and, of course, new and alternative ways of its extraction. The perspectives on renewable energy development are very favourable. We have invested in the wind farm built in Mažeikiai”, Žydrūnas Stankevičius, General Manager of the independent electric energy supplier “ENERTY”, stated.

At the beginning of 2016 the amount of green electricity sold has significantly increased. This year “ENERTY” has started supplying it to the following well-known companies: “Coca-Cola HBC Lietuva”, concern SBA, “Laisvas ir nepriklausomas kanalas”, “Apranga LT”, “Stumbras”, “Palink” (IKI), “ Panorama LT”, “Biovela Gruop”, “Mantinga”,  “Lietuvos ryto” Printing House, “IDAVANG”, “Hanner”, “Orion Global Pet”, “Norvelita”, “Arginta Investment” and other companies.

Having concluded green energy purchase contracts, a possibility to use a special logo of green electricity in promotional and image campaigns is provided.

About “ENERTY” 

The independent electric energy supplier “ENERTY” was established in 2007. At present there are 7 employees in the company. The company trades in electric energy in Latvia and Estonia. “ENERTY” supplies green electricity to “Bitė Latvia”, “Sanitex Latvia” and other companies in Latvia.

*Origin: Litgrid